Moodle To The Rescue!

06 Dec

I have to say that as the years go by I am coming to appreciate my Moodle more and more! A case in point was the Amazing Race cross-curricular task that I wrote about recently. I had posted the task description and a link to upload the finished assignment on the school Moodle, and this in itself was tremendously useful, but as the day wore on, it suddenly occurred to us that we would not have enough time to administer a voting procedure to select the best designed race, which would discouraging groups from voting for their own group.

I had never used the Choice module on Moodle before, but it provided a fantastic solution. By setting up a Choice in which the girls had to select which group they felt had produced the best designed Race, we were able to administer the vote within a minute, and display the result on the white-board. The selection also indicated who had voted for each choice, discouraging anyone from voting for themselves. We could not had monitored this in the few minutes available, so the threat of the pan-opticon was needed to ensure we did not end up with a tie! As it happened, one group walked away with half the votes so there was little doubt as to the will of the class.

The electronic vote rounded out the exercise in a way which would not have been possible by hand, and although not revolutionary in itself, it shows just one more functionality which makes using Moodle in your classroom that much more attractive. It was not something I had thought of before, but the Choice module can easily be used to replace those hand-held polling machines which are often used in the wired classroom for a variety of purposes.

The choices are easy to set up, and it strikes me, more resilient than using polling devices, which tend to get lost. But, as always, the beauty of the Moodle solution is its price – no need to buy more kit! And in these recessionary times that means a lot!


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