Moodle Content Generation Ideas

25 Jun

I came across a great free download from  called Match Up Quiz, which allows you to generate your own matching words to definitions exercises as Flash files. These can then be embedded in Moodle, for example, and form very useful; activities. The quizzes are self marking, and allow for students to re-take them so they can make sure they get all the right answers. The software was easy to download, although I did have to register on the site, and was very easy to use. You simply type in a list of words, and corresponding definitions, for example, and when you generate the file it automatically mixes up the order and creates a Flash (swf) file, which can be embedded in a web page. You also have the option of generating an html version.

There is also a Multiple Quiz creation application on the site, and a Teacher Invaders game which involves answering questions between shooting down waves of invading school masters! All three are free to download, but some content on the site is for purchase. Very useful resources!

What I liked about these applications was that I could create an interactive quiz within minutes, and post it to my Moodle in a format that is both easy to re-use, and is more engaging than the Moodle plugin which does the same job. It is currently exam time, and as an ICT teacher I see a large number of kids who come to the computer room to escape from the stress of exams. They often spend time watching videos and chilling, but they also go onto the school Moodle to do some revision, and these quizzes and games would form an excellent resource of revision material.


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