09 Jul

A tool that I had not come across before is a tool which allows you to create an aggregated newsletter, which uses your twitter posts and those that you follow, hashtags you specify or Facebook posts to produce a daily digest. Many thanks to Maggie Verster, who presented at the ICT in the Classroom Conference in Johannesburg.

This is an excellent tool for creating a class newspaper.

The picture to the right gives some idea how this is set up. Once you have created your paper it updates daily, and a permanent link is created, allowing students to access what is effectively a digest of the postings on a particular topic. To exploit this, students will need to have twitter accounts, and will need to post links to the resources on a particular topic using a hashtag.

Here is a paper I set up – I couldn’t wait to unleash this tool on my classes! This link I sent out to the rest of the staff at my school as my conference report-back (together with this blog). It took ten minutes to set up, and leaves me with a clear conscience about cascading what I learned!

What particularly excites me about this tool is that it is one of those truly wonderful tools that you don’t need to spend a lot of time over, for a very tangible and pleasing result. It is something that becomes homework for the students, a way of integrating classwork and homework seemlessly, which is such a feature of 21st Century learning.


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  1. MrSchwen

    July 13, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Excellent post on this topic! Thanks for sharing.



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