John Davitt’s Freelearning Creativity Matrix

10 Jul

At the ICT in the Classroom Conference in Johannesburg, John Davitt presented his new Freelearning Creativity Matrix. This struck a particular chord with me, One of the things that I have learned over the years, as a teacher, is that routine is the enemy of good teaching. Prabhu, answering the question, is there a best teaching method, said that there is not, and that the greatest factor in producing good teaching is the teacher’s sense of plausibility, in other words the passion and belief brought by the teacher to the lesson.

One constantly needs to shake things up, to avoid settling into a rut. What worked fantastically last year, could all too easily become stale and routine this year. John’s Creativity Matrix is an excellent reminder of the need to constantly shake things up, to move from shackled learning to free. As he explained it, you need to ensure that you move at least one element of the lesson into the Free column. For example, simply by moving the lesson from the ‘here’ to somewhere else, the car-park even, energises and breathes new life into the lesson, ensuring that something different happens!

The idea of standing education on its head is one which needs to guide our practice. ICTs are powerful, partly because they do this in, and of themselves, but we need to ensure that they do not in themselves become the new same-old-same-old.


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