Classroom Management using Moodle

25 Jul

Something I always hear from teachers when I broach the subject of using Moodle, is the age-old complaint that it will add to their work-loads. I have had exactly the reverse experience. If used correctly, Moodle will actually decrease your work-load. the bureaucracy of lesson planning is something I have always struggled with, Once I have planned my lesson, created any resources, and thought through the lesson, there always seems to be precious little time to write it all up, print it out and punch holes in the page so that it can be filed in the relevant folder ready for inspection by my Head of Department once in a blue moon! And then heaven help me if the page goes missing.

Using a lesson plan template is a plus, but it is still the first thing to be sacrificed when time is tight. When I started using Moodle, however, I soon realised that I could do away with the need for a lesson planning file altogether. Since all the Learning Resources were stored on the platform, by adding the Lesson Plan document itself as a hidden file, ie. not visible to students, I could become totally paperless.

Given that all my resources and planning documents are created digitally anyway, the time it takes to upload the files is the only additional work, and since this easily matches the time taken to do paper filing, it is no great hardship.

The great advantage, in terms of classroom management, however, is that all files are instantly accessible for editing and revision the following year.

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Posted by on July 25, 2011 in Classroom Management, Moodle


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