Screen Capture by Jing!

25 Jul

I have been using screen capture tools for quite a while to create tutorials as SCORMs to place on Moodle. I have just come across a very easy and simple to use tool called Jing, which creates excellent flash files which can be emailed, posted on Moodle, or added to a larger SCORM. The screen quality is so much better than what I was using before.

To my mind, the ability to create SCORMs quickly and spontaneously is a huge advantage of this platform. With a single click, you define the area of the screen you want captured, whether you want to capture an image or video, and the microphone is activated. You are given a short count-down and then the recording begins. When you click finish, a flash file (swf format) is created. This can be embedded in an HTML page. If you convert this to an avi file, it can be embedded in a larger PowerPoint Presentation and saved as a SCORM.

All in all, this is a very useful free tool, which I was able to use immediately. The ability to integrate screen-cast and voice-over effortlessly was its prime attraction. There is a pro version, which costs, which has added features.

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Posted by on July 25, 2011 in Moodle, SCORMs, Web 2.0 Tools


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