Say Boo!

28 Sep

AudioBoo is a podcasting tool which can be used from a mobile phone or computer. Very simply, the user can record a sound file and upload it to AudioBoo from where it can be shared or embedded, much like a YouTube video. The ability to record straight from a phone is a big plus for educational podcasters. The account is free (allowing podcasts of up to 3 minutes in length).

To my mind the three minute limit (you can get up to 30 minutes if you are willing to pay for it) is actually a plus! You can use it to force students to be focused on the task at hand, and if you are recording course content, it forces you to be brief and to-the-point too!

The ease of use is its biggest recommendation, as it allows teachers, and students to record and embed sound files on a webpage, a class blog, say, without having to know any HTML. You could use it to set up a school “radio station” or as an alternative to group feedback. At the end of a group discussion get students to post their feedback as a “boo” and post it on the class Moodle for further reflection or discussion.


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