The Tablet Wars – The Kindle Fire

29 Sep

The launch of the Kindle Fire, rekindles the debate about what mobile platform is best for education. Honestly, I don’t think there is an answer to this question. Here is a demo of the new Kindle, for what it is worth.

The issue is not really about whether the iPad is better, has more apps, or whether the Kindle Fire is cheaper. The software applications, the price, are both vital issues for schools to consider. What formats each device supports are also vital. You really want a solution which is as open as possible. It is absolutely no good if a device does not support a wide range of formats.

The Kindle Fire lacks a camera, which, in a classroom environment is a huge disadvantage. Nevertheless, it is clearly a player, and will have its proponents amongst the teaching fraternity.

To my mind the best solution lies in supporting all devices, where possible, within a Bring Your Own Device policy. The IT Department at my school has been informally registering students’ mobile devices as they have been brought in, and the policy appears to be working, allowing students to access their emails and access Internet from anywhere on campus. This programme has proven popular with students and goes a long way to create the kind of anywhere, anytime access that a 21st century School needs without engaging in the expense of initiating formal 1:1 mobility programmes.

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Posted by on September 29, 2011 in 1:1 Computing, iPads


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