Writing Exams on Moodle

16 Nov

In an effort to go paperless I now have the students write their ICT exams on Moodle. They log on using secure exam accounts which restrict what they have access to. They then access their Moodle page and download all the files they need to complete the questions, and upload their answers on Moodle.

This seems to work quite well, and certainly makes my life easier, as I used to have to mark from student folders, guessing which the final drafts were. Now I only need to check where students have obviously uploaded the wrong version of a file. Assessment is a great deal faster too, as it involves less opening up of folders.

I create links to every file needed to answer the question, and add a corresponding upload activity for each question. Each question is then assessed separately, and the grades pulled together in a spreadsheet at the end. This way of working might not suit everybody, but I enjoy the freedom it gives to my desktop. Because the feed-back is digitally recorded too, I don’t need to use a pen at all. By pasting a blank rubric into each feedback window, I can easily ensure that I have not missed anything on the paper, and that the students get accurate feedback on where they went wrong.

This also makes “going over the paper” easier as well, as students are able to access their marks, the written feedback and compare them to the files they uploaded ahead of class. Theoretically they will then have checked addition and so on, and can concentrate on remedial issues. They will already have found out what they did wrong, and the lesson can focus on fixing these sticking points. In theory. In reality, of course students won’t have checked on Moodle to see what they got. Each time I set a test on Moodle, though, they do get better used to it.

My ICT Exams and tests are not totally paperless. Especially for exams I do print out the question paper, but I have been experimenting with writing the questions on the file itself (eg a spreadsheet) so that students can answer questions in the same document, and no question paper is necessary. To date students appear to respond well to this, so I may be bold enough to try for a totally paperless exam next time round!

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Posted by on November 16, 2011 in Assessment, Moodle


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