Quizoodle! The Quiz Module in Moodle!

14 May

I have been experimenting with the quiz module in Moodle, and I am beginning to get the hang of a very powerful tool, so I thought I’d share my initial forrays into what I like to call Quizoodle! (Quizzes + Moodle)

The picture on the right shows an example of a Multiple Choice type question being used in an online plagiarism unit that all our grade 8 & 9 students need to complete online at some stage.

A huge advantage of the module, which is much improved in Moodle 2.x is that, while it takes some time to set up, it auto-grades responses, meaning you do not have to mark the quizzes yourself! While this may seem an unbelievable opportunity, I was somewhat reluctant to use the quiz module. After all, while it handles True/False, or Multiple Choice type questions magnificently, it cannot be used to assess essay questions or anything pedagogically significant, surely! I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a lazy teacher’s way out!

How does it work? You can set up a series of questions, and feedback for each answer, so that the computer can explain what was right or wrong about your response.. You can also make questions conditional upon answering other questions wrongly, so that students getting answers wrong will get other questions to help guide them. A good feature is that you can include pictures or video snippets in the question. In this particular instance it allowed me to set up the quizzes as practice sessions in drawing information off a title page of a book, for example, to be able to complete bibliographical information.

You can grade answers to construct auto-graded tests, and allow students a single attempt or multiple attempts. You can also set time limits.

A wide variety of question types are possible, including text submitted to teachers or course mentors for feedback. I added this last feature to enable students to submit exercises on paraphrasing for feedback.

In this blog, I cannot go into how to use the quiz module in Moodle. You pretty much have to play with it to see what is possible anyway, as there is so much available. I do feel, though, that if used sensitively, and with care to make the presentation appear user-friendly, that quizzes in Moodle (Quizoodles) could be very useful indeed in developing online and hybrid content of quality.


2 responses to “Quizoodle! The Quiz Module in Moodle!

  1. Saad Faruque

    May 30, 2012 at 5:35 am

    Quiz is good to use.. but it is probably the most resource intensive module in moodle. get a few students going through the quiz at the same time and ur moodle is dead slow!


    • Dorian Love

      May 31, 2012 at 10:07 am

      I haven’t noticed that – but I get students to do the quiz in their own time, so I wouldn’t know. Thanks for the warning though.



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