Converting PDF To PowerPoint

21 Jun

I came across a great website called which allows you to convert PDF files to PowerPoint Presentations. This is very useful because it allows you to create SCORMs (from PowerPoints) from a PDF file.

SCORMs are content suitable for eLearning delivery, and I make some of mine from videos, but many simply from PowerPoints which are then converted into Flash files which can be placed on any website or class Moodle page..

I have many tutorials, worksheets and notes saved as Word documents, and I have not previously been able to convert these into PowerPoints so that I can create a SCORM. Converting the Word Document to a PDF, and then using this web service to convert to a PowerPoint file allows me to do this. There is a maximum 2MB file size limitation, which is problematic. But since the service is free, one can hardly complain! There is a paid version which will contain more features, but I haven’t explored them because, quite frankly, I have Scottish ancestry!

The site also allows conversion to multiple formats, such as Excel or Word – all very useful.

But it’s the PowerPoint conversion that is so jolly, jolly useful. Paragraphs get converted as text boxes in PowerPoint, which allows you to edit the slides easily. Images are also converted across quite nicely. It’s a little bit of PT to get the slides presentable, but way, way better than re-doing the whole thing.

Why is Word – PDF – PowerPoint – SCORM so useful? It seems tortuous, but actually represents only a few mouse clicks and a mug of coffee to drink while you watch it all happen. As a teacher who was preparing Word documents as notes and worksheets ten years ago, I have a tremendous amount of stuff that I could usefully deploy on my class Moodle, but I need it in a SCORM compliant format, and that largely means setting it up on PowerPoint. Till now, the chief obstacle has been this little step.


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