Bring Your Own Brain

08 Oct

code clubHackerspaces have a great deal to teach us about learning in general, and collaborative learning in particular. A hackerspace is a meeting space where people can come together and share their resources to create things. You literally Bring Your Own Brain and pool ideas and know-how to bring projects to life.

I have tried to use this idea when setting up a Code Club at school. Students have very busy schedules, and finding common time is virtually impossible, so I tried to create a virtual hackerspace on the school Moodle platform to set the club up. The idea is quite simple, on the Moodle page students will find links to coding tutorials on sites such as Codecademy and projects which they can work on collaboratively. If they need to learn JavaScript to complete a project, they will find the resources to do so. The club is open to all students and staff, and seeks to create a community of practice aiming at fostering collaborative learning based on problem-based challenges and projects.

I hope to be able to draw in parents as well, and mentors with an interest in fostering coding amongst girls.

The club is in its infancy, but already the enthusiasm is palpable, with interest both from staff and students.


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