Create Online Course Content with Edynco

14 Dec


Creating online or hybrid course content is fast becoming one of the most valuable skill-sets that a twenty-first century teacher possesses. Edynco is a great online web platform which allows teachers to create online course content without the need for downloads. You can then embed the content on your Moodle or web page.

Free subscriptions are available with 100MB of storage, but you can upgrade to use more features, specially the ability to export content..

You start by creating a learning map, which sets up a series of learning paths or nodes which students can follow to navigate through the course. You can attach documents, videos, hyperlinks, powerpoints or recorded audio or video lectures to any node. Especially powerful is the ability to record a lecture using your web camera online.


I created a test “lecture” by uploading a PowerPoint and then adding recorded content, which displays as a re-sizable box in the corner of the screen. You can stop and start recording, and add audio instead over certain slides.

You can also use draw tools to annotate your slides. In short you can create a pretty professional looking lecture with little effort, and then embed this on your course web page, blog or Moodle. Awesome!

You can also add quizzes to the Learning Map, allowing for fairly engaging ways of adding seamless assessment to the course from the Learning Map.

All in all, despite the limitations placed on a free account, I believe Edynco is well worth a look as a tool you can use to build an online course.


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