Lost For Words

27 Mar


I have always found the need as a teacher for quick-fire tasks which can fill an odd moment in your lesson plan, or keep students who have finished busy while the rest of the class scratches their heads. Quick puzzles which can be stored in a box and trotted out when needed. When you’ve finished you can take another puzzle from the box kind of thing!

A perennial favourite with students is the word search. You know what I mean, a grid of random-looking letters and you have to find the words hidden in the table! The last one I made I did by hand. Even typing into a word processor took me hours. The whole experience was so painful I never tried another one again! I’ve had to use ones I could find on the Internet or magazines. But now there is a handy web-based tool which can do the job painlessly!

I found one on A Teacher’s Corner website. You can select one already created, or type in a list of your own, for example characters from a Shakespeare play or common adjectives, or elements in the periodic table. Make selections for rows and columns and click on generate. You get a printable word search table in seconds without having to download software, log in to the website of pay a cent!

What a joy!


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