Zhush Up Your Moodle

31 Mar

takkMoodle is a very powerful Learning Management System, but it has always been a little clunky. It takk3needs zhushing up! Luckily Moodle has the ability to embed content created using HTML, and this can go a long way towards allowing you to design your Moodle page if you have that inclination.

If, like me, you are not that gifted in the design department you can create content online sing sites that help with the design, and then embed it. I recently found a useful website where you can create great-looking sharable content easily online. You can then share it to FB, twitter, etc or create embed code to pop into your Moodle page.

The site is called Tackk and it allows you to add very elegant content using words and graphics, which can then be shared easily.The result is pretty much like a Facebook post which users can then comment on. I created a notification of a class project, for example – and then embedded that on my Moodle page using an HTML block.

What is great about this approach, and this particular little widget is that students can then comment on the embedded feed. Moodle has long lacked this kind of Facebook-like interactivity, and being able to introduce it,via the back-door is a huge plus!

Because comments can also include links to uploaded content, this is potentially a very useful way of sharing interactive content. Moodle acts as the portal page for the sharing of content, and because it embeds on the page, the user does not need to go off-site to see what others are saying, sharing, or uploading.

I have yet to see the results of these trials, in the field, so to speak, but I would love to hear from others trying it out, and I will report back on my own experiments.


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