Google Forms as Feedback

29 May

googleformsAn important part of any teacher’s performance reflection is the feedback from the students themselves. Google Forms is an excellent way of collecting this information relatively painlessly for all involved. To set up a form is pretty simple, and you can use a form and individual questions as the basis for other questions. You can then send out the link to the survey to all your students. Once the survey has been answered you can view the output as a handy spreadsheet, and as a series of graphs.

Feedback on your teaching style, and your use of ICTs can be very helpful, and you can slip in some demographic questions about what devices your students are using, what their interests are and so on, to help you get a clearer picture of your class.

You can of course also use Google Forms for collecting content-based feedback on any section of work as well. A very handy tool indeed!

You will need a Google account. Once you have logged in, click on the Apps icon and select Drive. Then click on the red Create button and select form. It is fairly intuitive from there.

Here is a short video from the Google Youtube Channel showing you how to do it.


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