Creating a Course on iTunes U

30 May

itunesuLearning Management Systems are pretty much a matter of personal preference. I am comfortable with Moodle, but many teachers I know prefer Edmodo or other platforms. iTunes U offers one more way in which teachers can set up and run courses online.

You will need an AppleID and iTunes installed on your device. You can use a PC, just look for the iTunes U button on the Store, and then click on the Create a Course link on the right hand side-bar. Unfortunately, the course is only viewable on an iOs device though – which is a bit of a drawback! Nevertheless, the interface looks glossy and sexy – as one would expect from Apple! You can then create a course outline, enrol students using a link code and add content in the form of audio, video or document files. Material gets added to your outline as assignments. iTunes U therefore presents itself as a fully fledged LMS.

I would recommend playing with it and testing it. As a school you can register for free as a K-12 institution, and use the app for short courses and modules. This allows you to brand your school as a fully fledged MOOC provider. I firmly believe that all schools should be experimenting with, and setting themselves up on readily accessible platforms to provide online content, whether or online or hybrid courses. The advantage of iTunes U is that it is supported by Apple, and available on very stable and mobile devices. Although running our own platform, such as Moodle allows you to use a number of powerful options, the ease of having Apple do it for you will outweigh this consideration for many!


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