No Hands – Random Name Pickers

17 Jun

name pickerWho gets to answer questions in class can be an issue fraught with tension. To get students to think longer instead of shutting down as soon as the clever hands go up, many teachers have a no hands policy, but then choosing who should answer becomes something of pressure point. I hate having to decide, and navigating the downcast eyes, trying to be fair, but challenging is a nightmare for me.

I found a cool tool, a random name picker on which allows you to type in a list of names of students in your class, or copy and paste from a class list, and generate a fruit-machine style random name-picker. You can save this as a web page or use embed code to put it on your Moodle page. Then, when you need to pick names to answer questions, you can turn it into a bit of fun.

I wouldn’t do it every time – or it will quickly stale, but I did find that it livened up a revision period on Merchant Of Venice!



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