How to Make the Edtech Integration Guy’s Job Difficult

13 Jun

Ideas Out There


Dear teachers

It’s a lot of fun showing you how to integrate technology meaningfully into your lessons. When a teacher has an ‘aha moment’, it gives the humble technology coach / ICT integration specialist the same kind of endorphin-fueled kick as when his students do.

But motivating you to integrate technology in a way which stimulates engagement and independent learning can be very tricky indeed.

Specifically, it makes our lives very difficult when you say things like…

  • “This is all very nice, but I simply don’t have the time. I have a syllabus to teach and tests to mark, you know!”
  • “In my day we got along just fine without all this fancy-schmancy tech stuff.”
  • “So now we’ve got to make our lessons all exciting and engaging? That’s not teaching.”
  • “I cannot allow my students to discover this stuff on their own. They won’t get it right.”
  • “Yes, but…

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