Taking the Padagogy Wheel for a Spin

29 Jul

Designer Librarian

The Padagogy Wheel has become a very popular technology integration tool for teachers, combining Bloom’s Taxonomy with the SAMR Model and aligning iPad and other tablet apps to those criteria(hence the name PADagogy). I can see why it has been embraced by so many educators — it’sa visual planning guide fortechnology-based lessons.

So, what happens when you take the app section of the wheelfor a spin? What happens when you shift the apps ring in either direction, so that the apps in the Remember/Understand section fall into the Apply section, or the Create section, etc…? Is the wheel any less valid? Absolutely not!We’re not talkingabout Bloom’s Technology, we’re talking aboutBloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. Technology merely serves as atool that can be used to facilitate learning within those domains. What level of learning depends on how the appis used. How the app is used depends on the learning…

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