Let’s get gaming! Game based revision

09 Feb

Some great ideas!

Miss Scott's Musings

It has taken a while for me to find the time (and inspiration) to write my next blog on some revision strategies based on game play, but here it is. Firstly, I think it is important to recognise that skills based subjects cannot necessarily rely on content based games to help students make progress; for example, playing a Kahoot quiz will not immediately lead my students to write better poetry analysis; however, it can be fantastic for revising and improving subject knowledge/terminology that can in turn lead to a greater level of understanding and or confidence. Aside from that, of course, playing games can be fun and can help encourage all students to engage in revision more eagerly.

Here are just a few of the things I have tried:

Heads up style team challenge- The official ‘Heads up’ game has risen in popularity lately and has offered our English department…

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One response to “Let’s get gaming! Game based revision

  1. roseyreider

    February 14, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Hi Dorian,
    Went to a great @ctivatedlearning conference yesterday headed up by Craig Blewett but hear an amazing presentation by Ebrahim Adam – “gamifying learning to ‘win back’ the learners.”
    Well worth looking into what he is doing – current masters student at UKZN IT & Learning.
    Twitter @gamifiedZA

    On another note…
    I know I have asked before but would you be willing to present at the Library conference in June 28/29 2016 in Bloemfontein? We are looking for someone local and out there with IT and learning based in a school and you are perfect for the job!
    Please say yes! Would your school be interested in sending you to share your expertise? If not we could cover your costs if needed.



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