Fostering a Global EdTech Ecosystem

07 Jun

In-depth with the founder of Europe’s largest edtech conference.

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero

CREDIT EdTech EuropeBenjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet is Co-Founder of EdTech Europe and an SXSW LAUNCHedu advisory board member. He previously wrote about “The Digitalisation of Education” for EdTech Digest. EdTech Europe is Europe’s largest Education Technology conference for thought leaders, innovators and investors. He is an advisor for SXSW Edu, the world’s largest conference on Innovation in Education. Benjamin is also Partner at IBIS CAPITAL (London), a leading European investment and advisory firm specializing in media and education technology. Formerly Europe’s Head of Strategy, Business Development and New

We tend to consider the administration of education as digitalization of content and bringing of smartphone and tablet, within the schools. But I think it’s much more interesting to think about digitalization of education as how it can be a response to the need for a more fluid and fast and…

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